Reunion Weekend Snapshots
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Every body dance the Cotton Eyed Joe - Jerry Hellums Paulk (1969), Erna Wolters Kittoe (1970), Jimmy Hutto (1971) and Deb Hutto Wolfe (1970).
Judge Milo Pena Jr. Proclaims Sunday Sept. 26th 2010 as Class of 1931 thru 1999 Reunion Day!!!
John Bode-Class of '49
Barbara McNair Crane (1957) and Gaye LeBleu Powell (1958)
Jerry (Hellums) Paulk, Linda (Schroeder) Diehnelt, and Carol (Nichols) Bartosh of the class of 1969.
Erna (Wolter) Kittoe & Debbie (Hutto) Wolfe of the class of 1970.
Sisters Pat (Hellums) Brandt (1962) & Jerry (Hellums) Paulk (1969)
Rubetta Rose Miller, Judy Esparza Gorbet, Rita Otahal Wilhite, Janice Schroeder Kimball, Andy Pollard, Janice Leonard Fox, Debbie Williams Avery and Jimmy Hutto
Bobbie Kay Till White (1962) and Karen Till Cody (1973) speaking with Gaye LeBleu Powell (1958) and Dewayne White (1960)
Wade Klepac (2001), Jeff Klepac (1979) Mark Haug (1979) and Keith Wright (1981)
Beverly Otken Pavelka - Class of 1972
Cousins Karie Pollard Wimberly (1991) and Kiki Grupe Busenlehner (1992)
Mitchell Nichols (Class of 1973) and wife Janet
Class of 1974 is always good for a laugh.
Charles Reed, vicki Pollard and Wayne Coker
Traci Klepac and Frances Malek (Class of 1979)
Jimmy Hull and Don Hedgpeth - Class of 1960
Karie Pollard Wimberly and Rhonda Urbanosky - Class of 1991
The King sisters - Connie (1959), Nancy (1966) and Judy (1961 ).
Russell Grupe (1991) and Linda Salinas.
Bobbie and Lenert Pfeiler (1950).
Sylvia and Mike Eden (1959).
Barbara McNair Crane (1957) and Corky Crane.
Otis and Sylvia Burroughs
Jack Kimball (1973, Larry Aldridge, Vicki James Engle (1975), and Jill Kimball Aldridge (1977).
Lynn Ripple (1963) and Pat Hellums Brandt (1962).
Rick Castaneda, Don Hedgpeth and Dean Schroeder - Class of 1960.
The Scarborough sisters - Aleatha (1950), Sue (1943), Faye Jean (1946) and Janice (1944).
Sonny Kronke (1941) Stella Lee Bennett Fuller (1938) Loleta Wagener Riley (1951) and Darlette McCain Saxon (1647).
Jimmy Hull (1960) giving the keynote address on Sat. night.
Class of 1965 members Wayne Coker, Charles Reed and wife Dr. Nancy Reed.
Otis Grupe and Wilma Hedgpeth Grupe (1966).
Billy Cash (1997) giving the Blessing before Sat. meal. He is also the alumni who traveled the farthest (Oregon).
"We pledge allegience to the flag of the United States of America."
Don Hedgpeth (1960) and Connie King Philmon (1959).
Gail Dowell, Rubetta Rose Miller (Class of 1971) and Mary Dowell Gerdes (Class of 1966).
Kathy Herrmann and Marylee Crane (class of 1974)
Sylvia Burroughs and Barbara Bradshaw catching up.
Memory Banner - alumni were encouraged to write in the names of classmates who have passed on.
Michael Van Winkle (class of 1965) and Wilma Hedgpeth Grupe (class of 1966).
Reunion committee members Vicki Hedgpeth Pollard and Denise Hoff Otahal.
Hugo Isensee - Class of 1995 with fiancee.
A glimpse of our past.
4 Generations of Herrmann Bulldogs!
Jerry and Beverly (Oetken) Pavelka
The Northcutt twins. Donna Winburn and Brinda Coquat
Cory and Kasi (Gorbet) Matula
Greeter - Brinda Northcutt Coquat
Judy Esparza Gorbet and Larry Esparza
Karen Till Cody and Pat Till
Dana (Moseley) and Wayne Coker
Andy and June Pollard
Vicki Bradshaw, Theresa Bluntzer, Dana Stillwell, Regina Martin and Allen Perry hamming it up!
Beverly Oetken Pavelka, Brinda Northcutt Coquat, Brenda Herrmann Zimmerman, Donna Northcutt Winburn
Mary Lee Gregorcyk, Denise Otahal, Allen Perry, Dana Stillwell, Roy Perry
Saturday night started with everyone standing for the National anthem and Pledge of Alligence.
Bulldogs win big over Riviera. Nothing as exciting as the Dogs running back the opening kickoff. Go Big Green!
Tailgate Party was a huge success
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