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Welcome alumni!

This years reunion welcomes all former BHS graduates, former students and faculty.  If you have not registered before, please register now so you can be informed of all events leading up to the reunion weekend Sept. 11-12, 2015.  Registration for the weekend events can be done here using your credit card or you can download the event registration form and mail it in with your check.  If you can't make it to the party we still want you to register as an alumni.  That way you will be able to connect with former friends and classmates.  We hope to see you there.


Vicki Pollard

Class of 1970



Vicki Hedgpeth

Looking forward to our 50th year class reunion. Along with attending the Multi-year reunion, the class of 1965 plans to get together separately.  If you have not been in touch recently with either Peggy Bull or me (Carol Ann Rektorik) please let us know how we can contact you.  We have some info for Michael Van Winkle, Charles Reed, Chuck Pyle, Terry Belyeu, Wayne Coker, Richard Reagan, Ronny Latham.  We would love to see as many of you as possible and would not want to leave you out if you plan to attend the multi-year gathering.  You can reach us through Facebook, I am listed as Carol Hinze Mundle.  If anyone from other classes knows how to reach anyone not listed that were 1965 class members, please let them know we are looking for them and please contact us.  My email address is in case you are not on Facebook.

Carol Mundle
To the Class of 1966:

We will be celebrating our 50th Year (yikes) Class Reunion next year and it would be great to celebrate together!  Perhaps we can have a mini reunion in 2016. We could even meet in San Antonio for a more central location??  If interested, please email me at

Hope to see some of you at the All School Reunion 9/12/15.

Wilma (Hedgpeth) Grupe



Wilma Hedgpeth
Class of 1965 50TH Graduation Class Reunion

I missed our 25th, years ago, due to being unable to get off work. I have wished I could have made it ever since then. I really would like to see as many of my old classmates as can make it this year. If I can be of help in encouraging your presence or travel to CorpusChristi/Banquete/Robstown, let me know. I know, as noted above, how work can keep you from making it. I have two seats vacant in my car  driving from Colorado Springs  to Corpus Christi. If  you need, you are welcome to them. If I can pick you up on the way, and deliver you back home, I am williing to do that. I would enjoy seeing all of you who  made it there or did not make it to the last Class of 65 event. Carl, Ronny, Richard, Augustin, Margarito, Joe Bill, and all you gals too. My memory is bad, so do not take it personally if I did not include your name above. Lord Bless the Souls of all those who have passed. Peace Be With Them and Their Loved Ones. Since several of our classmates, for years, left us early, and did not graduate with us in '65, I think it would be nice to see you all again. Roger Elliott made it to the last 5 year event. I really enjoyed seeing and visiting with him. I hope Diane Ripple Scarborough, Delores Willoughby, Julie, Helen, Virgil and many other classmates that were with us on the journey through BHS, can join us at some point during the weekend, if not Friday Night at Nolans. This is just my opinion, and some of you may not agree with me. It will likely take me about three days to get to our Hotel in CalAllen, if my wife and I drive it alone; less if we have capable additional drivers. However, this is not required, if you need to ride with us. Peace Be With Your All. Michael/ AKA: Mickey Van Winkle


Michael Van Winkle
Special Thank You - BHS Reunion 2015

For myself and my family, we would like to thank all the organizers, volunteers, etc for all your dedicated work on the past school reunion.  It was enjoyed greatly by all.  It was so nice visiting with everyone again.  We have many fond memories of growing up in Banquete and going to school there.  My daughter, Sheila Peterson-LaBelle, all 5 of my brothers, both sisters, 1 sister-in-law, 2 nieces, 1 nephew, and 1 cousin graduated from BHS.  My Dad helped build the old Elementary School, was also a school bus driver, and his aunt an niece were teachers at Banquete many years ago.  My family is still well connected to the Banquete community.  Hope our feelings never change!!!

Sandra Ware Smid and the Ware Family

Sandra Ware Smid
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